Join us as we strive to promote all forms of cycling in our community.  We are inclusive of all types of cycling and hope that you are as well!  You will have opportunities to ride and connect with other local cyclists, help educate our community about bicycles and what cycling is all about and times to give back through cycling related volunteer efforts throughout the year.   Membership resets each January 1st.

Download Membership Enrollment Form:  Enrollment Form and Ride Survey Please fill out and contact a board member to submit it. Please email us or attend one of our club meetings to enroll. A board member will reply to your email for any questions you might have. (

“Full Member Status”   Sign our annual waiver and pledge that you desire to identify with Lima’s Premier cycling club and wish to be kept up to date about local cycling happenings and news.  Full members can volunteer for service activities, be a club participant in all activities, and gain all member benefits.  A minimal membership due covers annual expenses such as cycling club insurance, advertisement, website fees and annual club member benefits.  As a full paid member you receive the following benefits:

-Receive an annual membership card.
-Member voting rights for any issues that may come to a vote at our general club meetings.
-Team Roadrunners products each year that may include socks, bottles, jerseys and/or T-shirts. (some items will be free depending on the financial state of the club and sponsorship)

Jerseys available to all club members

-Annual social event at a local Lima restaurant to enjoy a good time and meal.
-Opportunity to be nominated to the Team Roadrunner’s Directors Board.
-Potential for member discounts at local retailers that support and/or sponsor Team Roadrunners and cycling initiative.
-It is strongly encouraged that our members attend at least 6 club scheduled rides, one general meeting and participate in at least one cycling service event per year in our community including our annual tour. This ensures that our members are promoting cycling for themselves and our community to deserve the discounts of our sponsors and the Team Roadrunners logo products.

It is expected that all individuals associated with Team Roadrunners gain an understanding of all the Ohio Cycling Laws and strive to follow them on every ride.  Team Roadrunners participants should be known as friendly and respectful cyclists and citizens throughout our community.  A helmet is required for every ride.